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Aura work
Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005 ~ 1:00 a.m.

“’Very good. Now, I’m going to place my hand fully inside your light and I want you to watch for the changes in your mind.’ I figured that he would have to disrupt the edge of my aura first, so I concentrated on that line. After a moment, I saw the intermingling of purple with my blue, but I could not make it take form. I knew I had to concentrate, but I couldn’t. It felt as if someone was standing too close. It felt like someone was pushing on my chest and there was nothing I could do to make them stop.

“’Concentrate. You need to push that feeling out of your mind. If you need to, try creating another layer of strong light close to your skin. Keep only a portion of your aura out to feel and see with.’

“I tried to do what he described, but at first, I pulled all of it back. I couldn’t seem to separate the light. I slowly pushed all of the light out and created a solid line with it, then I raised a hand to where Jean’s had been moments before. I saw the mixing of colors. It was easier when I went searching for the object. It didn’t feel as invasive as it had the first time. I concentrated and the purple swirled a little slower. It started to gain the familiar shape of a hand. I raised my other hand up on the other side of his and concentrated with all that I had. I forced my aura to control his and the purple stood still, the form of a hand very clear in my mind’s eye. I dropped my hands and smiled as I opened my eyes.

“’I did it, though that takes quite a bit of effort and it’s very uncomfortable.’ I lay down against my cushion. I was very tired and wanted nothing more than to rest. ‘Does it get any easier?’

“’Yes, with practice you will build up a tolerance. Your body will be able to withstand more and you and your aura will be stronger. The more we practice, the more you will be able to do. In time, your abilities may even surpass mine. You are young and willful. I see much in your future. Get something to eat and take a nap if need be. We will try again as the sun starts to sink.’

“I did just what he said. I ate some fruit and bread. I drank more water than I had in the previous day. I found a small circle of trees and lay within them. I have always enjoyed watching the leaves and branches sway in the breeze. The sound of the leaves whispering to each other has always intrigued me. I’ve always wondered if they could actually talk. Trees lived for so long and if they were actually speaking, imagine the wisdom they would have. I fell asleep to the sound of that whispering.

“It was a refreshing little nap and it did just what it needed two. I only slept for an hour or two, but I felt renewed. I knew I could stand another practice session without collapsing.

“I made my way back to the wagon and took my seat on the cushion. Jean was already waiting for me. Without prompting, I closed my eyes and prepared myself. I felt Jeans movement in front of me and I moved my hands towards that spot. I was quicker this time in taming his aura. I saw the shape of his hand clearly within moments of surrounding it with my own aura. He withdrew his hand and replaced it with something else.

“This was much more difficult. I had no idea what object he had placed within my ‘sight,’ but I knew that he was not holding it. He was suspending it somehow. His familiar purple was no where in the mix. There was a hole where the object was, but knowing where it was wasn’t the object of the activity. I had to try to determine what it was. The time before, I knew the shape of the object that I was supposed to identify. Perhaps that helped me see it more clearly in my mind. To determine what it was, was going to take a lot more work. I used the previous lesson to feel with my aura. I felt around the area of the hole and every time I felt the edge of the object, I tried to hold that part of my aura in place.

“At first, I could not hold any part of my aura where I wanted it. I was getting very frustrated which did not help me with the task at hand. I calmed myself and started again. I managed to hold one spot in place as I felt around some more. I got to the point where I could successful hold two to three spots in place while still feeling around before Jean decided to call it a day.

“’You’ve done quite well. This is tricky work and it will take some time to master. We will try again tomorrow. Perhaps by the end of the day, you will be able to tell me what I have been holding up for you.’


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