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Waking ~ Part One
Friday, May. 03, 2002 ~ 3:40 p.m.

A chill wind blew harshly in the world above. People of all races, gender and ages hurried about their pointless lives, oblivious to what was laying just below the surface, sleeping in the frozen earth. They had no clue what would awaken in the night, how it would be changed.

It was only five in the afternoon and her mind was already starting to clear. She had gone down into the soil for the first time in her immortal "life" just six weeks earlier, but it was enough to have a lasting effect. Visions came to her as the fog in her mind cleared. Visions of things she had long ago given up hope of ever seeing again. Maybe this was what she needed. This was what she had longed for and the answer had been so simple, she just didn't think of it.

So much time wasted, searching. All she had to do was sleep, rest, and her mind would be restored to her. She would remember everything she had ever known. It was begining already as she saw the vague faces of her mother, father and even her brother. She knew she had a mother and father, Koryn and Ontrose they had called themselves, but she had not known about her brother. His name came to her clearly now, Kamion, and she knew she had loved him at some point, but she felt no love now.

It felt so strange to her. She knew she had been sleeping for quite some time, but she didn't know how long. Slowly she regained feeling in her limbs and she felt the cold, lifeless soil surround her. She knew it must be winter. She had gone down in the earth when the seasons were changing with the leaves of the trees. She had felt the small creatures move around in the damp soil as she dug deeper, burying herself, but now they were gone and the damp soil was frozen by the chill of winter.

Somehow the soil turned even colder and she knew it was time. The sun had just set. She moved her fingers easily, but it took much more effort to move her arms and legs, struggling for the surface. She knew she would be stronger once she fed, but she was starved and every movement was an effort for her. She soon broke the surface and emerged silently. She felt the dirt and soil caked on her skin and in her hair, but she didn't care. She knew she must look a fright, not even a fraction of her unnatural beauty. She was skin over a skeleton. She didn't care. All she knew was the thirst that had grabbed a hold of her senses as soon as she felt the night air on her face and smelled the mortal blood in the wind.

She moved in the direction of the wind, drawing closer to her faceless victims. They were seated together on the steps outside a dark apartment building. Huddled together, they laughed quietly, then kissed each other, knowing that no one else was around to watch. They knew no one ever came around this part of town anymore. That's why they came here, to be alone. They didn't know what would find them as they sat, holding each other.

She picked their thoughts out of the air. It was easier than she remembered, but the thoughts were muted by the thirst. She couldn't even think of being sneaky or subtle. She rushed to them, taking the female first. The male just stared in horror as his girlfriend was drained before she could even make a sound. His mind whirled. He didn't know what was happening, what was going to happen. All he knew was that he couldn't move, he could only stare at the thing that had taken her life. It was hideous and it was turning on him now. He watched as it started to fill in, to look a little more human. He watched its eyes, feminine eyes, as they shifted from red to violet, then back to red again. Then she, this thing, sprang on him too. The only sound he made was a soft groan as he felt her pierce the skin of his neck and draw the warmth out of him.

She stood and held her hands out infront of her, studying them as the new blood wound its way through her veins, filling her muscles and skin. She was begining to regain her beauty, her skin was taking on hints of the opalessence she had known since her death. A cold smile crossed her lips as she looked down at the two. She shook her head as she saw the puncture wounds on their necks.

"That just won't do."

She laughed lightly as she cut her own finger and sqeezed out a drop of her blood, coating each of the wounds with it before her finger healed itself. The wounds steamed under the blood, healing in a matter of seconds, rather than not at all. After all, the unliving dead don't heal. They stay bashed and broken for all eternity. Only the blessed had the power to heal to perfection.

Glancing down at herself, she remembered the dirt and mud. The thirst made her careless with the female. She had spilled the precious blood and stained the clothes, so she quickly undressed the male and stole his clothes. They weren't her normal style, nor were they her size, but they would have to do until she was able to get to her own clothes again.


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